In information technology, Hub helps us design a “multiport” device with broadcasting functions that can propagate the incoming data in a wide manner.

Hub Design is a cover/portfolio that hosts the various protagonists of the best design Made in Italy ever under a single roof.

Hub Design is a cultural and financial venture, a super expert, a super fan, with the spirit of an authentic art dealer that recognizes and shares value.


Baleri Italia, founded by Enrico Baleri and Marilisa Decimo in the 1984, is the iconic brand of the 20th Century the years of sobriety and rigor of forms/functions, the ultimate expression of a certain pragmatic and unattainable design idea; in pursuit of the perfect, non-obsolete, non-flashy, consistent and international object.

Evergreen objects and collections, signed by great masters and newcomers who then became the references in terms of style, giving life to a classical-contemporary universe that now, thanks to Hub Design, has found its vitality, production, communication and commercial strength.

The Red Rooster, Baleri Italia’s trademark, stands for our cheerful and optimistic approach.


A potent and immediate name like a musical note, which under the international flavour hides an all italian reality.

A brand whose philosophy resides in the creation of small art pieces for the everyday living, capable of joining the perfection of function to the emotion.

Innovation, great design in its purest form, becomes accessible to everyone through the genius of the biggest worldwide artists.